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Recruiter : Ellery Walls

Ellery Walls is an accomplished sales consultant known for his exceptional skills in forging relationships and driving business growth. With a passion for exploring new horizons, Ellery recently made a significant move from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand to the bustling business landscape of Brisbane. Armed with a keen understanding of consumer behaviour and a natural affinity for engaging conversations, he thrives on building lasting relationships with clients and Candidates. Beyond his professional pursuits, Ellery's love for traveling serves as both an inspiration and a leisure activity. He believes that immersing oneself in different cultures and environments not only broadens the mind but also fuels fresh perspectives that can be applied to his business strategies. His experiences in various corners of the world have enabled him to adapt seamlessly to diverse markets and establish relationships that transcend borders. Whether he's closing a deal or sharing travel tips, Ellery consistently demonstrates his genuine interest in people and his ability to create meaningful relationships, making him a sought-after consultant in the recruitment arena. Interests: