Australian Electrical Recruitment Trends & Statistics

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Australian Electrical Recruitment Trends & Stastics

Over a 5-year period from 2015 to 2019, INSELEC has placed 10,000 of electrical workers into jobs throughout Australia.

This huge amount of data makes for some interesting reading on the state of electrical contracting work in Australia for both employers and employees.


The average age across most sectors is around 40 years old. As you might expect, the younger recruits (30sand below) are mostly employed in trade assistant and labouring positions, however it’s interesting to note that solar electricians are on average younger than other sectors. This is great for those starting out in their careers but perhaps there’s an opportunity for older applicants to upskill in this area of expertise which is a more recent sector for the industry.

Younger applicants are also more likely to be employed in the domestic and commercial sectors, moving onto areas requiring more experience later in their careers, such as data/telecommunications, industrial and/or specialised or professional positions. 

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